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Enjoy these free sample mini-lessons in the meantime.  Thanks for visiting.

Vocal Lesson 1:  POSTURE
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Welcome to the free vocal lessons page  of Cheryl Hodge & her singing book.  Cheryl has taught such luminaries as Grammy winner Paula Cole, Juno winner Frazee Ford (from The Be Good Tanyas), and Canadian Idol finalist, Alyssa Klazek.  There are five mini vocal lessons, here on this page.  As a former faculty member of Berklee College of Music in Boston (8 yrs.), and current head of the Selkirk College Vocal Dept. in Nelson, B.C., Canada; Cheryl knows her way around technique.   These exercises are a great companion to her book, "A Singer's Guide to the Well-Trained and Powerful Voice" WITH COMPANION mp3s!! (available right here!), and they'll give you an idea of what goes on in a voice lesson.  Questions on voice?  Email me at this site!  The five lessons here are (PLEASE TAKE IN ORDER...)
Lesson 1.   An Overview/Posture 
Lesson 2.  Breathing 
Lesson 3.  Sighing Exercises 
Lesson 4.  Diaphragm Exercises
Lesson 5.  Scales 

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 Vocal Lesson 2:  BREATHING
 Vocal Lesson 3:  The SIGHING EXERCISES
 Vocal Lesson 4:  The Diaphragm Exercises