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. Formerly nominated for Best BLUES
Song, 2011; "That's Why I'm Here", and for Best Jazz Song, 2010 ("Indigo"). HMMAs
(Hollywood Music In Media Awards)
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CHERYL HODGE was one of the featured artists for AUG. 2010 issue of JAZZ INSIDE
She's currently in the top 10 for Canada (ReverbNation jazz charts). She has been
compared to Etta James, and Nancy King - which gives you some idea of her range of
performing. She’s was a “featured artist of the month” (Nov. ‘09) on COAST To COAST
AM with George Noory, with spotlight on the latest cut “That’s Why I’m Here". Winner of
the GRINDIE Award from Cheryl is a headliner and adjudicator at several
jazz festivals, including the Envision Jazz Fest (the largest educational jazz festival in
Canada), and the internationally acclaimed Kaslo Jazz Fest, in 2010. Working with greats
like guitarist JOHN STOWELL, and Horn Players like BRAD TURNER, and TOM
COLCLOUGH, jazz and blues have been kind to Hodge. She has been a top ten artist in
jazz charts for ‘09 with songs: “Indigo” and “Guide to Recovery”, "Give In", "Do You", and "
Adios" from ‘09 Indigo Album. Hodge is a gifted pianist and isn’t afraid to visit the outer
stretches of “scatting” (vocal jazz improvisation); yet loves singing Blues and R&B (think
Etta James). Cheryl taught Voice at Boston’s Berklee College of Music; currently head
of Voice/Songwriting at Selkirk College in Nelson, B.C. Cheryl Hodge is also the author
of "A Singer’s Guide to the Well-Trained and Powerful Voice".



Book: "A Singer's Guide to the Well-Trained & Powerful Voice" (with mp3 Exercises) by Cheryl Hodge. A former professor at Berklee College of Music; now head of the Selkirk College Vocal Dept., in Nelson, BC, Canada; Cheryl has taught such singers as Paula Cole, and Frazee Ford ("The Be Good Tanyas"). An all-encompassing approach to survival of the voice... Focus on vocal maintenance, posture, breathing technique, diaphragm control, development of tone, expansion of upper & lower ranges, troubleshooting "break" problems. Stylization. Song analysis. Acoustics of the voice. Favorite vocal exercises.Click here for a SAMPLE CHAPTER from
 "A Singer's Guide to the Well-Trained and Powerful Voice"   Questions about the book or about singing? 

Reviews on "A Singer's Guide to the Well Trained & Powerful Voice"

"Ms. Hodge certainly is well qualified to tackle the topic. She's been singing for a quarter of a century with a wide variety of musicians in, the U.S. (where she was born) and Canada (where she has lived for many years). She earned a degree and taught for eight years (with Paula Cole probably her best-known student) at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston...."- Bob Protzman, Downbeat writer 

"Yours are the best video voice lessons I've seen on YouTube. I do sing, and in my meek way, I teach, too. If you don't mind, I'm going to feature one of your videos on my blog. How can I get your book?   - Educator, Ryan Bunch  (

(Order book through CDBaby) A Singer's Guide To the Well-Trained & Powerful Voice- w/companion mp3 Exercises ($29.95)

"A Singer's Guide To the Well-Trained & Powerful Voice" is now also available as an ebook in .pdf format (with mp3s included) at$19.95)


About "INDIGO" (Cheryl Hodge's 2009 Release)

Already receiving acclaim (see reviews), Hodge's latest CD (March '09 release, "Indigo") includes Juno winning trumpet/flugel player Brad Turner, and sax great Tom Colclough. This new CD is a real barnburner; focussing on fusion (not unlike Roy Hargrove's grooves.) The songs Indigo, Far and Guide to Recovery are good examples of the NEW Hodge sound. Her original grooves are infectious; but this newest sound dwarfs the others, for sheer energy. Other great players along for the ride on this one: Guitar greats, John Stowell and Cliff Maddix, Bassist Dave Captein, and groovemeister, Charlie Doggett on drums - with Cheryl on piano and vocals.

Rave Reviews from:
  KIAC Internet Radio ("Cup of Joe"), featured spotlight at and received Gold Artist Award from
(review at bottom of page)

Give In
2. Guide to Recovery
3. Indigo
4. Caribe
5. Far
Do You

7. Adios
8. After You (music Mike Stern!; lyrics Cheryl Hodge)

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Original Article: Best of the Early Years

From Hodge's first bluesy belted hit, "Basic Black" to the sultry sweet jazz originals with guitar great, John Stowell; this CD is one wild romp through the favourite years of the torch singer/songwriter... taking you all the way up to today. Those who appreciate Hodge's early hits will like this one.

(Tonight I'm Wearing) Basic Black
Before Sunset
3. Intro: Something Beyond the Blue
Something Beyond the Blue
5. The Way You Deliver
6. Gotta Go
7. Friend In Me
Strange Situation
9. I've Missed You
10. If It's Real

11. The Path

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Live & Alive

This album is a bit different from the others, in that the audience gets a broader perspective of Cheryl's artistic visions as a composer, and a feel for the unique, occasionally unbridled energy typical of a Hodge concert.

Using talented musicians from two different locales, the Oregon Coast and Nelson (an artist's community in British Columbia), Cheryl has beautifully recorded some treasured moments in two very distinct live performances.

The amazing guitarists who are along for the ride this time are John Stowell(internationally celebrated in jazz circles as "the man with the voicings" and Cliff Maddix - an amazingly gifted guitarist who successfully bridges the precarious path between jazz, rock and blues. On bass - from out of Portland, Ore. - there's the wonderful, always surprising, always inpecable man of taste Dave Captein, and from Spokane, Brian Flick with his deliciously rich melodic lines. You can't have all of these players without some smokin' grooves on the drums.... Rick Westrick out of Spokane provides that and more, along with the gifted William Thomas from Oregon.

Cheryl can write tunes in the oddest locales...."
If It's Real" was written while on a camping trip! In the 5/4 song "Before Sunset", Cheryl explores the perils of falling in love with a mysterious man. In "Gotta Go" she looks for an exit in the relationship and a nice, easy-goin' way to put forth the exit line. "The Way You Deliver" is the kind of belting blues Hodge is now known for ending her sets on; enjoy!

Read the lyrics of songs on this album.

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1. All Blues
If It's Real
3. Before Sunset

4. Intro To Ghost Of A Chance
5. Ghost of A Chance
6. Gotta Go
7. The Way You Deliver
8. Intro to Something Beyond the Blue
9. Something Beyond the Blue
10. Friend In Me


Strings, Necks & C(h)ords

Hodge's second recording features herself on vocals & piano, along with the amazing talents of guitarists: John Stowell & New York's Kevin Lutke, the tastefully virtuosic Dave Captein (from Portland) & Brian Flick (from Spokane) on acoustic bass, and finally Ghanan percussionist, Israel Annoh.

A favourite recording for the deejays who like playing jazz that's a little "outside"... As Cheryl has stated in one interview, "This recording was so much fun to make, I really don't mind if it sells or not... The sessions alone were worth the price of admission!" Most of the cuts on the C.D. represent the fruits from 1st takes... with a few from the seconds. "
Strange Situation" features a cat & mouse chase between Stowell & Hodge.Ellington's "Prelude To A Kiss" is a tender dance between Captein's acoustic bass and Hodge's elegant scat lines. Hodge's "Canvas
" is a virtual painting of sounds - as one would expect. Horace Silver's "Peace" represents Hodge at the juiciest lower part of her extensive vocal range.
1. The Path
2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
3. Prelude To A Kiss
4. Stange Situation
5. You Don't Know What Love Is
6. Dare To Dream
7. The Dolphin
8. Canvas
9. What Is This Thing Called Love
10. Sweet Lorraine
11. Doodlin'
12. Peace


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Tonight I'm Wearing Basic Black

This first recording features the early days (1990), when Hodge was the house jazz singer at the now infamous 1369 jazz club in Boston; featuring the break-out title track; with the follow up hit of "I've Missed You"... among the many great players on this one: Saxophonists Dave Mann & Bob Gay! Also with: Ned Mann & Paul Del Nero on bass, Mike Bieryllo on guitar, John Kester & David Stewart on piano, and Cheryl on piano/vocals.

Deep In The Night
2. (Tonight I'm Wearing) Basic Black
3. I Used To Be
I've Missed You

5. My One & Only Love
6. Sugar
7. Black Coffee
8. Spring Medley It Might As Well Be Spring
9. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Book & CDs Reviews...

Review on "A Singer's Guide to the Well Trained & Powerful Voice"

"Ms. Hodge certainly is well qualified to tackle the topic. She's been singing for a quarter of a century with a wide variety of musicians in, the U.S. (where she was born) and Canada (where she has lived for many years). She earned a degree and taught for eight years (with Paula Cole probably her best-known student) at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston...."- Bob Protzman, Downbeat writer

Reviews on Indigo CD ('09)

"Hodge has a striking voice. At once playful and childlike, as on the melody of the slinky Give In; other times full and rich, others breathy and sultry. It is difficult to compare her to anyone because of her pliancy. She sings mostly original tunes in the jazz fusion mode. Her range is impressive and her band, which includes guitarist John Stowell, drummer Charlie Doggett and bassist Dave Captein, helps bring out all the qualities of her vocals. Hodge holds down the piano chair well too...with every spin she is growing on me." - Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon

"With her most recent album release INDIGO, talented vocalist/composer Cheryl Hodge shines on this fantastic jazz performance. Hodge's gift of music is thoroughly enjoyed with her vocals that are polished and sophisticated. Take note of the strong and solid range her voice carries especially on the title track, Indigo. Feel the expression and emotion pouring out as she delivers an amazing collection of songs. Listeners will notice the outstanding support from band members as they blend balance and texture while adding a cool swing feel with soft brushes on drums, sweet guitar riffs, or electric piano. Let the melodic sax riffs carry you away on 'Guide to Recovery.' If you are looking to hear jazz with refreshing vocals, then you will definitely want to add Cheryl Hodge's 'Indigo' to your collection." -Diane and the Reviewer Team (where Cheryl received the "Gold Artist Award")

"Hodge has a wide-ranging, flexible, very expressive voice that can go from a breathy, near-whisper (Far, and Guide to Recovery) to a relaxed, "cool" approach (Give In), and even more to the upper register to produce a rockish shreik to a screaming electric guitar (Indigo). She's uninhibited, flamboyant, high-energy, raucous... On "Do You", she's soulful and emotional to the point of challenging all those pop divas who sing at the top of their lungs." - Bob Protzman, Host, "Everything Jazz", NPR Affiliate



**** "Live and Alive" shows (Hodge's) striking gifts; especially her full and powerful voice...shining most prominently on the bluesier tunes... Her 8ve leaps and pitch-perfect landings evoke Portland great Nancy King, while her bluesier side is reminiscent of Ernestine Anderson. Her song, Before Sunset, also reveals her ability to write and execute advanced harmonies..." The Oregonian, Lynn Darroch

What "THEY" Say About Cheryl Hodge...
Hodge will offer treats for everyone who loves smoky, atmospheric jazz vocals and a tight little combo."
- Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash.


 "This is GREAT STUFF!" Nice to see someone carrying on the standard traditions of the past... And THAT VOICE... We found Cheryl's vocal range carefree, expressive and emotional, projecting an image of musical self-assuredness. Those BALLADS... melting as though she's 'holding a torch for that cad who once left her alone in a bar one night for some selfish reason of his own, an autobiographical testimony of the events that follow. At the same time, she faces up to reality, picks herself up and..."
- Jeremy Pagacian, Jazz/Blues Co-Director, KCHO, Calif.

"Your C.D. is very impressive... If I can do anything in the future to help, I will. I will keep the C.D. handy and plug it with all my might..."
- Cleo Laine

"Your interpretation of wonderful old songs like 'Black Coffee' and 'It Might As Well Be Spring', along with your original "I've Missed You" and the title selection
, are superb... This is certainly an auspicious recording debut for a talented young singer like yourself. I am happy to share your music with thousands of "MusicAmerica" listeners throughout New England. Wishing you continued success in your singing career..."
- Ron Della Chiesa, Host, "MusicAmerica", WGBH

The Boston Globe dubbed this recording as containing the voice of...
"a sultry singer with sensitive lyrics... she displays her versatility, showcasing her song interpretation, writing and scatting ablilities... It brings out the best in the standards and jazz originals."

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Christmas Album

Cher's Advent Christmas 2011

Blues & Jazz Singer, Cheryl Hodge

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Each track represents one day of this Audio Advent Calendar! You can also "mix & match", by choosing individual songs; creating your OWN holiday CD. Enjoy - and Happy Holly-daze! All songs are either public domain, or copyright, Cheryl Hodge. All songs played/sung by Cheryl Hodge, 2011.

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