eBook with mp3s: "Alzheimer's Dementia & The Healing Power of Music"
  • eBook with mp3s: "Alzheimer's Dementia & The Healing Power of Music"
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There's a companion exercise recording for this workbook & 27 songs. There are logging pages for you to track their improvement. While there are no guarantees here, I've had tremendous success with this. It's especially useful if the person or people you are working with have always enjoyed music and singing. This has been a joyful project; and I'm so happy with the success I've had with these techniques. I'm letting you know that I'm now taking orders, and the official date of release will be the 31st of August.

What happens is that the electrical pulses created by the synapses when singing break up the bad protein strands in the brain; reopening the neural pathways. The result is a regaining of linquistic abilities and even memory. One Alzheimer's patient could not even form words when we started. Now she tells me long stories in an eloquent fashion, after only 6 weeks! This is something you can do with your loved one, or in groups of Dementia patients.

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